Pastry Chef Jacquy Pfeiffer Demo Dallas

I attended a Pastry Demo from Jacquy Pfeiffer on monday.  Well monday is my day off, and always up to gain free knowledge.  The pastry demo was very informative.  Learning that cooking fruits past 70 degrees celsius will kill the acidic from the fruits.  And that gelatin can absorb 11X amount of water. And mixing high pectin fruits with low pectin fruits to get a natural balance between two fruits.  Example: Pear Juice (high) and Black Currant (low)

Here is some of his demo pics:


Pulling Sugar, amazing and fast

Raspberry marshmellow, Black currant center, chocolate disc.

Pistachio Mousse, Pistachio glaze, Sour Cherry center/ Granola

Awesome Demo and Very Friendly Pastry Chef.


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