Vietnam Vacation

I arrived in Vietnam on the 2nd of jan.  This is my second trip so far.  Here are some of the food of vietnemesse culture.  I have no idea what the names to these dishes are, but they are good.

Pork and Chicken Fresh Noodle dish with chicken broth…I can eat like 5 bowls of this which cost 1.10 in US Dollars.


This is part of the scene of the new year for TET.  This year is the Year of the Dragon.


One Response to “Vietnam Vacation”

  1. When I lived in Atlanta, I had a Vietnamese/American roomate named Que-Ahn (pronounced Way-AHn). On our first meeting, we went to a tiny little Vietnamese restaurant of her choosing and I had a life changing experience. Upon arrival, Que spoke what seemed like 4 words and the staff got busy serving us. Moments later food started arriving at our table, served family style, as if we weren’t customers at all. After nearly an hour of appetizers of various kinds they started bringing out the main course. The life changing dish was beef seven ways. Until then, I hadn’t eaten meat for some number of years, but the preparations were soo fascinating that I simply couldn’t resist. There were lettuce wraps, hot rocks, clay pots with hot seasoned broth (like fondue), short ribs, pancakes and spring rolls. Every tender morsel of said dishes were extremely fresh and immensely flavorful!. I said that to say, You compadre are in for a treat, and i’m certain that your experience will be life changing!

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