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Wine Dinner of Spain

Posted in Food on February 19, 2012 by Chef D Smith

Here is a wine dinner that we did on Friday.

Tapas Style Dinner

1st Course

Chili Garlic Shrimp with Pate Negra proscuitto

2nd Course

Lamb Shank with White bean sofrito stew

sous vide baby turnips

3rd Course

Spanish Style Meatballs,

preserved lemon / manchego/ pimento de espellette tomato sauce

4th course

Mussels with braised fennel and tomato.

5th course was a cheese course and 6th course was three vanilla ice cream a sherry.


Mascarpone Mousse

Posted in Food on February 19, 2012 by Chef D Smith

Mascarpone Mousse

Apricot gelee / Chocolate sheet / Honey cake / Candied Walnuts

Chinese Noodle Soup

Posted in Food on February 19, 2012 by Chef D Smith

Pork Dumpling and Chinese Noodle Soup

Scallions / Fried Sweet Garlic / Fried Shallot / Shrimp / Pulled Chicken

Star anise chicken broth


Posted in Food on February 19, 2012 by Chef D Smith

Before i went to Vietnam, my sous chef got into pickles.  To be exact, Beer Pickles that are very hot.  He started a batch after i left, and when i got back.  they were ready.  They were very good.  Then i got hooked on the them and started to make them at home.  I made a batch of habanero pickles.  I took about 20 habaneros and juiced them and set them aside.  I took the pulp and added it back to the juice.  I took some pickling pickle spice that my sous chef made and some pickling salt and made my pickles.  Here is the pickle jar with the habanero juice and pulp, white distilled vinegar brine, west africa chile pepper powder and sliced pickles.

The jar intimidated a lot of my staff, but they weren’t as hot as i wanted, but it did pack a punch.

I do love a good pancake!!!!

Posted in Food on February 19, 2012 by Chef D Smith

Who doesn’t love a good pancake?  Light and Fluffy.  The right amount of pure maple syrup and pulgra butter. Makes my mouth water.  Well this creation came about how to make a great pancake without using and already pancake mix.  After making my first batch of pancakes, well they sucked.  Basic pancake recipe is milk, eggs, Ap flour, baking powder, butter,  salt and sugar.  This batch came out flat and was a insult to pancakes.  Then i started talking to myself and my pastry chef.  Why even use AP Flour?  It’s just a mixture of cake and bread flour.  Why not just use cake flour?  Cake flour is capable of rising and flour the weight of sugar for a fluffy pancake.  Then to think further, sub sugar with malted milk powder.  So i have eggs, milk, cake flour, salt, baking powder, malted milk powder, vanilla bean and melted butter.  To take one thing further, after mixing all the ingredients together, i placed the batter into a Thermowhip and charged it  with 1 CO2 cartridge.  Here are the results.

Italian Food

Posted in Food on February 19, 2012 by Chef D Smith

This friday night’s special was classic italian pasta dish with a modern twist.  Everybody knows i love to sous vide.  I like to take classic sauces and try to re-invent them by applying sous vide to them.  Thus the Sous Vide Pomodoro Sauce came.  Key ingredients, tomato, extra virgin olive oil, herbs, sherry vinegar, sun dried tomatoes.  That and other ingredients were compressed in a cryovac bag and sous vide at 83 degrees celsius for 5 minutes.  Then chilled and let set overnight.  Here is friday nights special.

Tagliatelle pasta

portobella mushrooms /  broccolini / roasted grape tomatoes / Powdered Parmesan

Sous Vide Pomodoro

Inspired to make a thin crust pizza.

Posted in Food on February 19, 2012 by Chef D Smith

I was inspired to try to make a good pizza.  I researched some ingredients out and brought them in to where i work.  After many trial and errors, and they were tasty errors, here is the final product.  The only thing missing is a good pizza stone, which we will be purchasing.