I do love a good pancake!!!!

Who doesn’t love a good pancake?  Light and Fluffy.  The right amount of pure maple syrup and pulgra butter. Makes my mouth water.  Well this creation came about how to make a great pancake without using and already pancake mix.  After making my first batch of pancakes, well they sucked.  Basic pancake recipe is milk, eggs, Ap flour, baking powder, butter,  salt and sugar.  This batch came out flat and was a insult to pancakes.  Then i started talking to myself and my pastry chef.  Why even use AP Flour?  It’s just a mixture of cake and bread flour.  Why not just use cake flour?  Cake flour is capable of rising and flour the weight of sugar for a fluffy pancake.  Then to think further, sub sugar with malted milk powder.  So i have eggs, milk, cake flour, salt, baking powder, malted milk powder, vanilla bean and melted butter.  To take one thing further, after mixing all the ingredients together, i placed the batter into a Thermowhip and charged it  with 1 CO2 cartridge.  Here are the results.


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