Before i went to Vietnam, my sous chef got into pickles.  To be exact, Beer Pickles that are very hot.  He started a batch after i left, and when i got back.  they were ready.  They were very good.  Then i got hooked on the them and started to make them at home.  I made a batch of habanero pickles.  I took about 20 habaneros and juiced them and set them aside.  I took the pulp and added it back to the juice.  I took some pickling pickle spice that my sous chef made and some pickling salt and made my pickles.  Here is the pickle jar with the habanero juice and pulp, white distilled vinegar brine, west africa chile pepper powder and sliced pickles.

The jar intimidated a lot of my staff, but they weren’t as hot as i wanted, but it did pack a punch.


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